Tom Gartner

Tom Gartner

Advisor, Financial

Tom loves being a dad to his four children, and husband to his amazingly patient wife Allison. You can sometimes recognize him coming since he was lucky enough to get the only “DAD” license plate in Minnesota.

He believes in giving back to help the community that has helped make him so fortunate. He does this by serving Let’s Go Fishing with Seniors with time and financial support, and performing pro bono financial planning work for those most in need. Growing up as an only child he spent a lot of time with grandparents, and developed an affinity for honoring his elders whenever possible.

Boating with the family is a passion that helps make the Minnesota winters worth it.

Tom holds a degree from The University of San Diego for Finance, ran with bulls in Pamplona, earned his Certified Financial Planner designation, and a Masters in Portfolio Management and Security Analysis from Creighton. He enjoys managing investments and performing comprehensive fiduciary financial planning for families in greater Minnesota.