Welcome Friends!

You make it possible! The smiles, the lifting up from depression, the relaxation afforded a war-hurt Veteran, the guidance and role models provided to an impressionable but at-risk youngster, comfort given to family members and friends, benefits to communities, all that and more thanks to you.

Let’s Go Fishing has directly served over 230,000 seniors, veterans, and youth since its founding in 2002.  Adding their family members and friends who also benefit, brings the number closer to 1,000,000. Nearly all is accomplished by volunteers (over 1,000 to date) at the 15 Let’s Go Fishing chapters, with many communities wanting to start new chapters.

Basic membership in the Let’s Go Fishing Friends Society starts at $40 per year for individuals and $100 for businesses. You may designate your gift to be in support of a particular LGF chapter and/or in general overall support of the Let’s Go Fishing organization.

Individual & Family Membership

Memberships: Single – $40   Couple – $50   Family – $100

Business Membership

Memberships:          $100          $250              $500          $1000

Thank you to all our Past FRIENDS Society Members

Algeo Enterprises LLC (Jim Algeo)
Allan & Faye Kobilansky
Anthony & Stacy Abena
Audrey Buzzeo
Barbara Halvorson
Bill Clark
Bob & Connie Hodapp
Bob & Linda Klas
Boyd Financial Services
Bryan & Mary Sweet
Buzz Soderman
Carla Lagerstedt
Carol Niewenhuis
Carolyn Christensen
Carolyn Wall
Charles Galloway
Charles & Patricia Stoppelman
Charles & Mary Wickersham
Chris & Jane Sharkey
Christopher Mattson
Co-Vantage Credit Union
Craig & Christina Sandok
Craig Norenberg
Curt Christensen
Curtis & Kathleen Roverud
Daniel Ridgway
Dara & David Horner
Dave & Betty Hochhalter
Dave & Mardelle Vosbeck
David & Carol Bosley
Delas & Catherine Kirkeby
Don & Dara Bishop
Donald Lausen
Dorothy Molstad
Dr & Mrs Duane Hanson
Dr. John Paulson
Duane & Anitra Loe
Dwane & Cheryl Gustafson
Ebenezer Lutheran Church – Kandiyohi
Employment Options
Eugene D. Miller
Frank & Julie Christianson
Gary & Carla Lagerstedt

Gary & Carolyn Broman
Gary & Corrine Bonnema
Gary & Dienna Vanderbeek
Gerald & Cynthia Rossell
Gerald & Marjorie Weiss
Gerald & Vera Demars
Harley & Jennifer Davenport
Jack Diermeier – SL Custom Home Builders
James & Carol Slater
James & Joanne Brown
James & Marilyn Tiede
James & Pamela Peterson
James & Rosanne Bitter
Jane Currer
Jason & Jennifer Cordy
Jeanette Anderson
Jeff & Lynne Bleess – Tires Plus Willmar
Jeffrey & Nancy Johnson
Jeffry & Patricia Olson
Jerome & Gail Johnson
Jerome Hepp
Jerry & Laura Jones
Jim & Carol Kluegel
Jim & Marian Schoeberel
Jim & Theresa Rieth
Jim Kalkofen
Joe & Carolyn Holm
John & Jan Temple
John & Ruth Bogrand
John Turner
Joseph & Nancy Schwalen
Karen Miller
Kathleen & Thomas Schoeberl
Kathleen Fehr
Leroy & Marlene Bible
Les Chermak
Linda Kacher
Lisa & Brian Schoeberl
Little Crow Country Club
Lorraine Schroepfer
Margherita Larmon & Fernando Alvarado
Mark Crelling & Rosemary Bentson
Martin Rettig
Mary Ann Mallak

Mary Beth Sweet
Mary Larson
Mary Opila & Margaret Higgins
Michael & Stacey O’Brien
Michael Scarborough
Ms. Marty Kroening
Nicholas & Melody Willms
Odin & Darlene Hansen
Owen & Janice Krueger
Paul & Elizabeth Lippert
Peoples State Bank (Cindy Wright)
Randy & Dawne Post
Richard & Karen Miller
Richard & Linda Kacher
Rick & Laurie Wolfe
Robert & Joyce Kisch
Robert & Toni Simonson
Robert Heilig
Roger & Gloria Brown
Roger Gaskill -4 Seasons Cooling & Heating
Roger Kukrall & Shirley Ertz
Ronald & Suzanne Salo
Russell Richards
Selmer & Margaret Erickson
Shawn Fredeen
Shirley & Wayne Hulst
Shirley Setterberg
Smith Farms (Tim Smith)
Steve & Ellen Shelver
Steve & Linda Esser
Steven Holley
Susan Mattson
Ted & Geraldine Zabrosky
Terry & Beverly Matson
Timothy & Kristin Rongstad
Tom & Allison Gartner
Toni & Richard Fredrickson
Vandla & Darald Peart
Wallace & Donna Gustafson
Wanda Malone
Wayne & Milissa Brogren
William & Elizabeth Clark
William Norenberg
William Schultz
Willis & Mary Krueger
Wilson & Barbara Salter

If you would like to be removed from this list, please contact our office at 888.235.8448 or local at 320.403.5550. Thank you.