Fishing and boating activities provides special moments for all of us, young and old, male or female. Unfortunately as we become older these moments become harder and harder to enjoy, this may be because of health, emotional trauma, loss of a partner or maybe the finances just aren’t there any more. Let’s Go Fishing of Minnesota and their many volunteers are working hard to give seniors the opportunity to once again have these special times on our great lakes of Minnesota and throughout the nation. I not only applaud these efforts but I support them and I ask you to do the same.

Babe Winkelman

I highly encourage you to support the activities of Let’s Go Fishing with Seniors. What a wonderful way to help senior citizens enjoy the many different outdoor recreational activities which we all may take for granted. Volunteer your time and make a senior citizen’s day a happy one. Let’s go fishin’….with seniors.

Ted Takasaki

LET’S GO FISHING helps people experience the joy and freedom of fishing many different bodies of water. With the LET’S GO FISHING staff everything is possible when you’re fishing, even catching that wall hanger is a bite away!

Mark Martin

What a terrific program – giving back to seniors by providing them the fishing and boating fun they love! Let’s Go Fishing says it all.

Frank Christianson

As a physician with certification in geriatrics I am aware of the social and emotional needs of senior citizens. As people age, it is not uncommon for them to become isolated due to retirement, the death of their spouse or a chronic disease that keeps them from the activities they enjoy. Such isolation commonly results in increased     disability due to the adverse physical effects of inactivity and the emotional toll of depression. The result is even more isolation, leading to a vicious cycle of worsening health.

From a medical perspective, it is critically important for people to stay active physically and mentally. Let’s Go Fishing encourages seniors to spend time in the great outdoors, reach out to new friends and to stay active physically.

Dr. Gerard David Spoelhof

It is widely accepted medically and socially that any exposure of the elderly, disabled or anyone else, for that matter, to a stimulating, fun, yet safe experience outside of the daily routine, provides great benefit for the psychological makeup of that person and can even produce measurable improvement in health parameters.

Having the opportunity to volunteer and see the joy on the faces of these people who would otherwise have no chance to get into a boat, take a ride on the water an even doing some fishing… it is amazing. These people come back from a trip, beaming with joy and excitement and talk about it for days afterwards.

Dr. James Tiede