Our Mission

Bringing Natures Healing And Well-being

To Seniors, Veterans, And The Disabled

Let’s Go Fishing has developed its mission over time.  Early on we felt that we best served our communities by focusing on the camaraderie of bringing older adults on fishing trips, sharing the fun of the catch.  As our organization developed, we came to realize that by reaching out to older adults, veterans and the disabled, we not only were able to bring fun but simply by bringing people to nature we were contributing to their health and well being.

There has been much written about the beneficial effects that nature has on our mental and physical health and so we have seen it proven true time and time again.  Therefore we made an important change to our mission statement, encompassing the factors of health and well-being in what we do:


Bringing Nature’s Healing And Well-being
To Seniors, Veterans, And The Disabled


To develop a network of chapters and volunteers working together to serve older adults, veterans and the disabled throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin, the region and ultimately the entire country.


Giving back to those that have given so much.

Community Involvement

LGF believes in the importance of bringing communities together. Local LGF chapters thrive through strong volunteerism and broad community support. We encourage chapters to become an active participant in activities that support and strengthen their local communities. Chapters actively involved in their communities build awareness for the LGF program, increase and promote the importance of volunteerism, and help improve the quality of life for all citizens within their community.


A strong volunteer base is the core strength of LGF. Volunteers contribute time and expertise to help create memories for program participants. All LGF volunteers are well-trained individuals who have a passion for fishing and boating and a caring heart for the people they serve. They have a desire to share the outdoor experience with others and to create a community that cares for all its citizens. We believe in the power of volunteerism to positively impact the lives of others and transform communities. Giving back to others serves our guests and enriches the lives of those sharing their skills, experience and time. Throughout our communities there are hundreds of good-hearted people taking older adults on special outdoor recreational activities, whether it be bird watching, boat rides, fishing, or hunting we support any ongoing activity that enhance the lives of seniors.

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