Older Adults

Let’s Go Fishing has alway had at its core the desire to serve older adults in our community.  Whether they are part of a housing community or individuals still living in their own residences, older adults benefit greatly from joining with others and taking a morning or afternoon trip on one of the Let’s Go Fishing boats.


Veterans of all ages, from young men and women who have recently returned from overseas conflicts to those in our greatest generation, deserve our support, appreciation and help.  Sometimes the best help we can give is to offer a moments peace or a chance to share a laugh or a memory with others.  Let’s Go Fishing offers veterans the opportunity to put aside thoughts of service if they wish and experience being the recipient of service from all of us.

Disabled Adults

Often, disabled adults are not able to take advantage of all that nature has to offer.  Let’s Go Fishing is committed to making our fishing and boating trips are accessible to all.  We have specially modified pontoon boats that are able to accommodate wheelchairs. In order to provide stability, most of our pontoons also have a third tube in the center of the boat.  If you, or anyone you know is disabled, we hope you consider taking a trip with us on one of our Let’s Go Fishing pontoons.


Teaching kids to fish is an important way to make sure that fishing and conservation is passed down to the next generation. As long as kids have a positive experience, they will continue to love it as they grow older. Show them a good time, and kids will put the outdoors on top of their list of preferred activities.