Partnerships with LGF

Let’s Go Fishing extends a warm invitation to break free from isolation, loneliness, and the blues through rejuvenating boating excursions and the thrill of reeling in a catch of the day! Witnessing the transformation of individuals into healthier and happier versions of themselves is the ultimate reward. Just like a well-oiled fishing crew, each member of our Let’s Go Fishing team plays a vital role in turning our mission of spreading joy and connection into a tangible reality.

Partners come in many forms with various functions. Our team consists of the following:

Local Chapters – this team of volunteers organize and man the guests trips in their local community including: Boat Captains, Assistant Captains, Guests Hosts, Photography, and Fishing guides.

Health Care Organizations – these teams utilized the services of Lets Go Fishing to serve their clients, guests, and personnel. As partners these organizations are free to utilize Lets Go Fishing services and advertising their partnership with the Lets Go Fishing organization. They provide transportation to deliver guests to lake docs and staff to assist guests for the time of their life on the water.

Financial Partnerships – these organizations provide funding each serving season to assist Lets Go Fishing with expenses connected serving guests at no charge.

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Organizational Benefits

  • Unlimited use of LGF brand, logo, photos etc. in your promotional/marketing material
  • Potential increased occupancy/participation
  • One of the top health-care activity/therapy programs in Minnesota
  • Publicly recognized partner of Let’s Go Fishing
  • Affiliation with a regional (to become national) network of leader-volunteers serving seniors
  • Fun for organization program staff

Guest Benefits

  • Therapeutic (physically and mentally)
  • A wonderful way to socialize with peers
  • Provides a Measurable Improvement in Health
  • Decreases Depression & Anxiety
  • Provides guests with a sense of freedom, connection to the broader community and world
  • A safe and enjoyable outdoor activity
  • Great memories, smiles, and laughter

Please contact us if you would like information on how to become a Partner of Let’s Go Fishing

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