If you’re interested in starting a Let’s Go Fishing Chapter in your area, please contact our Central Office by phone: 888.235.8448 or email: info@lgfws.com. We’ll take the following steps with you:

  • Introductions

    We’ll say hi and gather some information about your community, surrounding communities, bodies of water & local businesses etc…

  • Touch base by Phone

    After our conversation we’ll send some helpful information and CD’s from past media coverage. This will be sent by mail and/or E-mail.

  • Follow Up

    After you have read the materials and we’ve done some research, we’ll follow up with you.

  • Set Meeting

    Discuss information and assist with setting up of a meeting, date, time and place.

  • Announce Meeting to Public

    Assist with media coverage of meeting and send out posters to place around community.  Radio and newspapers will also be contacted with meeting information.

  • Attend Meeting

    We’ll come to the meeting to answer any questions from the public and assist in the starting of a new board.

  • Discuss Business

    Up to this point we’ll have spent a lot of time on all the benefits of having an LGF Chapter in your area.  Now, we’ll start to have some discussions about the business side of things including insurance and how our LGF Central Office can help make your chapter successful.

  • Talk Expenses

    Discuss the funds needed to operate chapter including, but not limited to the pontoon and other supplies.

  • Order the Pontoon

    At this point we’ll facilitate the ordering of your new pontoon, built to LGF specifications.  We’ll take delivery of it for you and arrange to have sponsor’s logos put on the boat. (You’ll have had plenty of time by now to line up a bunch of sponsors for your chapter!)

  • Arrange Delivery

    Finally we’ll arrange delivery of your pontoon and other supplies to your new chapter so that you can hold your maiden voyage and start on your path of service to your community.