My afternoon was perfect. I’m 87 years old & really enjoyed the trip. I consider it a final joy of my life. Keep up the good work

Virginia H.Renville

Enjoyed it very much. Guides were very helpful & pleasant. Good treats. Nice pontoon. Hope to do it again sometime. Thanks.

Leona S.Granite Falls

I enjoyed the sight-seeing trip very much, and were treated so well by the guides.

Thelma P.Granite Falls

It was a most enjoyable excursion. Great guide.

Irene W.Willmar

I really enjoyed my day on the water the people who helped us fish were really nice and helped everyone that fished have a great time and everyone enjoyed the trip.

Dewayne Z.Willmar

It was a beautiful day and the ride was great. Our guide answered all our questions and was very informative. Thank you.

Hazel P.Spicer

I really enjoyed myself. Everybody was so kind. Love everybody. Caught so many fish. First time I went fishing for a long time.

Althea F.Danube

We had a great time. The residents sure enjoyed it. The guys were very helpful and kind. You people are wonderful.

Cedar CrestCosmos

A wonderful way to enjoy the beauty of nature. The two guides kept it interesting along with information. We enjoyed it very much – thanks again.

Henry & Jeanette B.Renville

You have no idea what this meant to me.


One of the staff members of the Clara City Care Center asked me to go fishing, I just could not refuse; it was a beautiful day for fishing, so she drove a number of residents to Green Lake.

There was just a gentle ripple on the water of the lake.

I was given a fishing pole and I cast it out on the right side of the pontoon for about an hour and I caught 13 fish. I was really pulling in the fish, some were 4 inches in length while others varied in size up to 12 inches; other residents also pulled in a few fish.

Then our pontoon floated near the shore of the lake so we might see the beautiful homes there.


Last summer we took Ralph Nelson out fishing. We snapped this picture of him and his catch. It turned out to be his last fishing trip. He passed away on September 11, 2003. At the funeral, his family used this picture and poem on the cover of his funeral brochure. His family called after the funeral to thank us and made a donation to Lets Go Fishing in his honor.

Fisherman’s Prayer

I pray that I may live to fish until my dying day, 
And when it comes to my last cast, I most humbly pray,
When in the Lord’s safe landing net
I am peacefully asleep,
That in his mercy I’ll be judged
Good enough to keep.
- Anonymous

Ralph’s Family

Life is fragile- you never know when your time is up. That’s why this organization is such a great idea… THANK YOU!

John Welchin