Did You know…

Did you know there is a path for fundraising that can help you fund your projects and expenses?

Raising Funds for your Lets Go Fishing Organization

We are so excited about moving forward with the new “affiliate” program and what that will mean regarding organizational effectiveness and efficiency. Funding operations and covering capital projects are a very important part to helping us to serve our communities with quality services and equipment.

Here are a few tips for helping you to begin that process of funding your community mission.

  • Be clear on defining the project(s) you want to fund.
  • Clarify what your funding with actual or approximate costs.
  • Being clear about why these projects are so essential to your mission to the community. Are you raising money for summer operations: fuel, upkeep, water bottles, fishing supplies or for funding your operational budget.

Presenting the funding initiative

Select a point person to lead the fundraising charge. Let us know who that person is and we can forward campaign presentation materials.

The process is as follows:

  • Brainstorm with your advisory board about who would be potential contributors for your mini campaign.
  • Make an appointment with your prospect – somewhere quiet
  • Go to the appointment possibly with a friend from your board
  • Show the video on a laptop – It tells your story
  • Go through the campaign view book – highlights
  • Show your own chart of gifts.
  • Mention what you are giving to the effort – are you in?
  • Then ask if they would help out with one of the gift levels on the chart of gifts.
  • Then ask when they could forward the funds.
  • Let the presentation tools do the selling. Ask the prospect what they think of the organization and the game plan.

Define the Projects for Funding

Sometimes it’s good to jot down the: who, what, why, when, where, and how much of your funding initiatives. These are questions that most contributors have an interest in knowing:

  • Why – why do we do what we do?
  • What – what is it that we do? What does that look like?
  • Who – who do we serve and how do we serve them?
  • When – when do we serve our guests?
  • Where – where is the location that we serve?
  • How Much – how much will the project cost and how much do you want us to give to the project?

Chart of Gifts

When you have determined the goal you envision for your funding initiative let us know and we will create a chart of gifts which shows the size and number of commitments you need to reach your goal for funding.

If you had a goal to raise $10,000 a chart of gifts might look something like this:

# of gifts              Amount of gift                               Accumulative total

4                                     $1,000                                                     $4,000
6                                        $500                                                     $3,000
12                                      $250                                                     $3,000

22 gifts                                                                                          $10,000

If we can assist you please forward an email to the Central Office. We will assist you with creating your personal insert into the campaign brochure.

Presentation Tools

  • Campaign Video
  • Campaign Brochure
  • Chart of Gifts