Let’s Go Fishing – Building partnerships within the communities it serves

By Tom Cherveny – West Central Tribune – SPICER – Linda Dilley knows how to make life fun for the residents of Bethesda Pleasant View in Willmar, where she is the activities assistant.

But she will admit that residents enjoy some of their best times outside the comfort of their Pleasant View home. By all measures, one of their favorite activities is Let’s Go Fishing outings on the waters of Green Lake. The excitement and good vibes continue when they return and tell others of their adventures, according to Dilley.

She will admit this, too. “Sometimes I’m just as giddy when I take them out and see the joy on their faces,’’ said Dilley. “To me,’’ she said of Let’s Go Fishing, “it’s the best organization around.’’

Let’s Go Fishing will continue to get around and touch lives on the water in more places than ever as it enters its 15th year, according to Joe Holm, its founder and executive director. Holm said the Spicer-based, nonprofit has continued to see steady growth since its start. Read the full story at www.wctrib.com

Detroit Lakes Chapter finishes the season with 131 trips

… DETROIT LAKES TRIBUNE — It’s been another successful season for the Detroit Lakes chapter of Let’s Go Fishing, the volunteer-run organization that offers area seniors and disabled residents, veterans and youth an opportunity to experience what it’s like to get out on the lake and fish, or see the sights — many of them for the first time. A total of 131 trips were taken from May through September, serving more than 1,265 clients of all ages, including more than 900 adults and 300 youth.

“One hundred thirty-one is a new record for the number of trips in a season,” said Dave Hochhalter, a co-founder of the chapter who still serves on its governing board. And there could have been even more, he added; 37 trips were cancelled, “primarily because of weather.” The chapter also achieved some memorable milestones this summer, having served more than 5,600 clients and completed over 600 trips since its inception in 2008. Read the full story…

Let’s Go Fishing honors veterans for duty

Many people in the Alexandria area take for granted a day out on the boat on one of the many nearby lakes. For the participants in the annual Let’s Go Fishing Veteran’s Special Day, however, that could not be further from the truth. Fergus Falls native and current Alexandria resident Warren Gundberg went out for his third year at the event, and despite vision difficulties, appreciates the trip. Read the full story here…


PrairieCare to open new mental health hospital

PrairieCare… one of LGF’s biggest sponsors, is opening a new mental health facility in the Twin Cities. BROOKLYN PARK, Minn. – More help is coming for children in the Twin Cities dealing with mental health issues. PrairieCare will open a brand new pediatric mental health hospital in September.

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North Branch Chapter Receives Donation

The North Branch Chapter of Let’s go Fishing is pleased to receive a donation from the Krona family in Lindstrom, in memory of Shel Krona, who was able to go out on numerous Let’s go Fishing trips. Read the Full Story…


Everyday Access to Nature Improves Quality of Life in Older Adults

Natural environments are known to promote physical, mental, and spiritual healing. People can attain health benefits by spending time outside, often in remote places to “get away from it all.” Now research conducted by a University of Minnesota graduate student with a team in Vancouver, B.C., shows that green and “blue” spaces (environments with running or still water) are especially beneficial for healthy aging in seniors.

Published in the journal Health and Place, the study – Therapeutic landscapes and wellbeing in later life: Impacts of blue and green spaces for older adults – demonstrates that by incorporating smaller features, such as a koi pond or a bench with a view of flowers, public health and urban development strategies can optimize nature as a health resource for older adults. Throughout the research, green and blue spaces promoted feelings of renewal, restoration, and spiritual connectedness. They also provided places for multi-generational social interactions and engagement, including planned activities with friends and families, and impromptu gatherings with neighbors.

“We zoomed in to everyday life for seniors between the ages of 65 and 86. We discovered how a relatively mundane experience, such as hearing the sound of water or a bee buzzing among flowers, can have a tremendous impact on overall health,” says Jessica Finlay, a former research assistant on the project and lead author of the paper. Finlay is now a doctoral candidate in geography and gerontology at the University of Minnesota, where she continues to investigate influences of the built environment on health and well-being in later life. “Accessibility to everyday green and blue spaces encourages seniors to simply get out the door. This in turn motivates them to be active physically, spiritually and socially, which can offset chronic illness, disability and isolation.”

Read the full article at… University of Minnesota

Fairmont Chapter gives back to seniors

By Kelsey Hering, MANKATO, June 13 — A cork bobbing in the water, a light breeze and only one lighthearted regret from passengers.  Riedesel said, “Bad day for hats, I’ll say that.” But a little wind didn’t stop Ginny from being excited about Fairmont’s Let’s Go Fishing Program on Bud Lake.

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Scott County Christens Pontoon with Veterans Group



Left to right, Bill Kajer, Joe Vaughan and Larry Smith enjoyed a ride with the Scott County chapter of Let’s Go Fishing during a boat ride in New Prague.

By Janice Bitters, Star Tribune, June 9, 2015, NEW PRAGUE –Summer is the season when Minnesotans pull out their boats and dust off their fishing rods in preparation for cabin weather. But for some — especially seniors and people with disabilities — getting outdoors can be a challenge.

That’s where Minnesota-based nonprofit Let’s Go Fishing (LGF) comes in.

The organization offers free fishing and pontoon boat outings to seniors, veterans and disabled adults throughout the summer. Scott County has a new chapter this year, which kicked off its season June 1 at Cedar Lake Farm Regional Park in New Prague.

“All of us know of individuals that cannot get out like they used to, and it’s hard to really realize [what that’s like] that without talking to somebody,” said Joe Holm, founder of Let’s Go Fishing. “It’s like taking something very precious from somebody that you had your whole life.”

New Prague resident Larry Smith attended the Scott County chapter’s maiden voyage June 1, which was specifically for military veterans.

“I don’t fish at all, hardly,” he said. “My wife fishes, she’s a fishing fanatic.”

Joe Vaughan, a retired New Prague fire chief and honor guard member, sat next to Smith, arms crossed, smiling out at the lake and chatting with the group.

“I caught all my fish last night at Cub,” he joked.

Vaughan said he isn’t much of a fisherman, but he plans to come back for another pontoon ride this summer.

And that’s just fine by the organizers of Let’s Go Fishing.

“It’s really about what being on the water does for a person mentally and physically,” Holm said.

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Alexandria Chapter Partners with local Chevy Dealer

Congratulations to the Alexandria Chapter.  They partnered with Alexandria Motors for the 2015 LGF season.  They will be pulling their pontoons in style this summer with a 2015 Chevy Silverado.  Enjoy and have a great season!